About Holistic Harmonies Disco

The idea for an after school family disco came up when I was spending lots of time with mums.  They kept telling me how they really miss dancing.  They don’t get chance to go out much any more, and if they do, the clubs don’t open until late and they want to be in bed by 11pm!  Other Mums were telling me that they struggle in the winter days after school and before dinner, because they can’t go to the playground like they can in the Summer.  I hired a function room in North London near a few primary schools in the Autumn term and ran family discos from 3.30pm until 5pm and it was a blast!  I had a PA system and lights, and most importantly…. Adult music! My focus was on the adults having a good time.  When children see their parents having fun it helps them to feel safe and secure and harnesses a sense of fun and abandonment in them too!  Obviously I added a few kids favourites in, had some bubbles and parachute time, and always end on Superman (the 80s classic).  I wanted it to be in a function room so parents felt more relaxed and at ease to let go, and even have a drink if they wanted to (lots did!).  We had mum’s dancing with babies in slings, kids learning moves from their parents, kids reading together in the corner while their folks had a dance!  I’m so glad to have found Tribeca on Smithdown Road in Liverpool to run my discos from… everyone can come and have a good old boogie and then stay for tea afterwards; what a great way to start the weekend!

Discos are currently on hold until we can dance in the same room once again!



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