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A singing group exclusively for pregnant women who want to bond with their bump, learn lullabies to sing with their baby and songs for empowerment throughout the transition into motherhood.

Why Singing Mamas Pregnancy Choir is beneficial:

- Singing helps to increase lung capacity and breathing control

- Singing increases oxygen flow to mum and baby and can have a positive overall effect on physical and emotional wellbeing

- Singing in a group releases oxytocin, the love hormone. It will help you to feel connected to yourself, your bump and the women around you

- Learn empowering chants and rounds to support you through pregnancy, labour and the postpartum time to come

- Learn lullabies from around the world to bond with your bump and to sing to your baby.  There is evidence to show that babies respond to familiar sounds they heard in the womb

- Join a group of pregnant women and find a community to belong to during your maternity leave

You don't have to be a 'good' singer!

Your baby will feel most connected to YOUR voice.  Come and explore your voice with me and feel confident about singing to your child.

Sessions will run as a Pay As You Go system while we establish ourselves:


Big You Little You

392 Aigburth Road, L19 3QD

5.45pm until 7.15pm

Sessions consist of one hour singing and half an hour tea and chat.

Sessions cost £6