Holistic Harmonies brings you

Singing Mamas Choir


Women everywhere are waking up to the joy of singing!

Singing Mamas Choirs bring women together; to meet, connect and experience the freedom, energy and pure magic of singing in blissful harmony.

Singing releases endorphins, giving your body and mind a gorgeous dose of wellbeing.

You have a voice and we’d love you to join us!

Women of all ages are welcome, with or without children.

Singing Mamas Choir February/March 2021

New Plans....

Are you looking for a creative outlet during lockdown?  

Are you looking for an anchor in your week; something to look forward to?

Are you looking for creativity and connection with a supportive community?

Holistic Harmonies brings you a private online Singing Mamas Choir group.  We have grown into a thriving online community over the last few months, with members now as far reaching as Sussex UK, Sweden and Atlanta, Georgia!  

This means that the online sphere is open to ALL - invite your friends, Sisters, Mums, Aunties.... the space is open to ALL women. Come and sing while you're baking, washing, mending, or take a bit of time out for yourself to sing your cares away.


We are offering a 6 week class pass which will entitle you to join ANY of the sessions available.  So you could potentially join 3 sessions a week if that takes your fancy... you can also chop and change depending on your schedule...

The 6 week block will include entry to ALL of the following:

*Friday 20th November will be rescheduled

to Wednesday 18th November 



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