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Are you ready to sing in the face to face world?

Are you feeling anxious about joining groups yet still want to join an online community?

Have you had a baby over these last few months and feel ready to connect with other new parents?

Holistic Harmonies is transitioning back into the face to face world. 

It's a slow transition, and so there are multiple online sessions too...

Hopefully we can cater to yours, and the worlds ever changing needs. 

Take a look at the site and come and join us in the Holistic Harmonies Community.

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Holistic Harmonies present to you, the Travelling Carol Singing Trio!

We are currently in preproduction of a new project to bring an acoustic trio to the doorsteps of some special members of the Liverpool Community.

We are fundraising for this event and would love for you to help support our work and make a contribution

Music & Movement


It is Holistic Harmonies aim to roll out our 6 week Intergenerational Music & Movement Programme in Care Homes across Liverpool..... it may take a while until the circumstances allow, but we're working very hard to achieve this for the future.

Singing Mamas Choir

Singing Mamas Choir is currently running a blended programme of online and in person sessions.

Are you looking for a way to look after your health and wellbeing while still looking after your children?

Are you wondering how you can have some 'me' time without having to find childcare?

Singing can boost our endorphins and our oxytocin and fill us with love and joy.  It can bring us back into the present moment and also provide us with a pocket full of songs to help us through our day...

Singing Mamas Pregnancy Choir

Our Pregnancy Choir is on hold... but why not join one of our online singing groups or come and join us face to face?  There are evening options if you're still working...

Are you looking for a space to take some time to connect with your bump?


Are you looking to nurture a sense of positive health and wellbeing during your pregnancy?


Are you looking to socialise with other pregnant women to build your tribe ready for your new postpartum adventures?


Are you interested in learning a range of lullabies to sing to your bump and your baby?

Click 'read more' to find out about the benefits of singing during pregnancy and where and when we meet.

About Holistic Harmonies

"Rachel is a multi-talented entertainer and professional certified infant massage instructor who has recently started a hugely innovative business which cleverly weaves together her life experience, desire to help her community and a love of children. It’s this organic approach which has allowed Rachel to structure a programme designed to support, educate and entertain parents as well as babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers."

Class For Kids


Our Discos are currently on hold... but why not have a living room disco of your own and think of us when you do!

Doesn't dancing just make you feel GOOD?!

Dance your cares away with your nearest and dearest.


Join us for an afternoon family disco!  The focus is on the family as a whole, you will hear adult music!  Kids music will be interspersed with parachute time and bubbles at the end.  Dance with your baby in a sling or show your big kids your moves!

What's On(line)?
Take a look at the latest Holistic Harmonies blog here:
Baby Massage

Would you like to deepen your bond with your baby?

Would you like to feel the wave of oxytocin; the love hormone wash over yours and your baby's brain?

Would you like to connect with a group of new parents as you transition into the world of parenthood?


I would highly recommend this baby massage course with Rachel! As a father on paternity leave, I feel very fortunate to have been able to share this activity with my wife Rakhi during our daughter Neev's first few months. Despite being the only father in the group, I felt very welcome by the group which is down to Rachel creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. It was evident from the very beginning that Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and her guidance made it really easy to practice the massages on Neev at home. I love having a different way to bond with Neev and can see that she responds positively to the massages and the songs and rhymes which Rachel has taught. Rakhi and I will definitely be keeping up the massages as Neev grows!

Vinny and Rakhi Patel




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