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Terms & Conditions

  • Payment
    Payment is through our online booking system. Your place will only be confirmed on full payment. If you pay via the online booking system, you will be sent an automated confirmation.
  • Refunds
    Your course may be cancelled and a refund given within 7 days of the course commencing. We cannot not offer refunds for sickness and classes missed due to holidays. However, you can offer your space to a friend as a gift, or charge them for the price of the session.
  • Twins Discount
    Sessions are booked per family, so all children are welcome.
  • Cancellation
    In the unlikely event of a class being cancelled, you will either be offered a refund or an additional class will be scheduled at the end of the course. There may be times when another Singing Mamas Choir Leader runs the session.
  • Illness
    If your child is ill, please refrain from bringing them to the session.
  • Data Protection
    Your information will be kept confidential by Holistic Harmonies and will not be passed on to a third party
  • Videos, Photographs and Confidentiality
    Videos and pictures may be taken from time to time of you and your child during the class (providing it doesn’t interfere with the activity). We encourage you to take pictures of your little ones enjoying themselves, but please be mindful of others and their privacy wishes. Please highlight to Holistic Harmonies before your course starts if you would prefer photographs and videos not to be taken of you and your child.
  • Property & Belongings
    Any property left in prams or bags is at the owner’s risk and is not the responsibility of Holistic Harmonies.
  • Health and Safety, and Safeguarding
    Risk Assessments are completed for each site prior to usage. All Holistic Harmonies practitioners have been DBS checked.
  • Changes to Terms and Conditions
    From time to time, Holistic Harmonies may update their terms and conditions. You will be given the option to opt out of these changes in accordance with clause 3 (above).
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