Holistic Harmonies uses music to connect communities through choirs, family socials, cross-generational groups and music & movement sessions to enhance the health and wellbeing of all


We believe that forming human to human connections through the magic of music and movement can transcend difference and encourage togetherness, establishing communities that demonstrate care, support and warmth.


Community Connection

Creating an inclusive, supportive, positive and accepting space



Bringing a circle of musical fun, care and warmth 



Allowing everyone the freedom to be themselves



Challenging old ways of thinking through new ways of sharing together



Working in partnership with organisations to achieve a common goal


Much is changing and progressing in the world of Arts For Health, and Holistic Harmonies aims to be at the forefront of this movement. We aim to be the leading experts in Singing For Wellbeing and cross-generational practise in the North West, working collaboratively with Social Prescribers, Health Care Providers and Arts Organisations.


What do you value about Holistic Harmonies?


"Being held in a safe space of non judgement and like minded people. Discovering the joy of connecting deeply through music. Sharing the experience of putting our voices together and singing from our hearts is so healing."

Quote taken from evaluation form


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