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Singing for Wellbeing Group


An evening Singing For Wellbeing Group for everyone...

A chance to drop out of daily life for a moment...

...And find your inner voice.  In this group you will find:

  • A community of like minded people

  • Songs full of affirmative and heart opening lyrics

  • A place to explore your voice; ALL voices welcome

  • No sheet music, just learning by ear

  • Simple harmonies and rounds which create a mindful atmosphere.

  • A safe place to express yourself

  • JOY!



Sessions are run during term time

Studio 1 at The Bluecoat
School Lane
L1 3BX



6.30pm - 8pm

Payment Information

There are 3 ways to join our
Singing for Wellbeing:

Direct Debit

£22.50 per month direct debit

(£7.50 per session)

(Cancel at any time

with 2 weeks notice)

Bundle of 6

 £50 - 6 week bundle to use over 12 weeks

(£8.30 per session)

Book Drop In

 £10 - Drop In

Are you unwaged
/on benefits?

We never want to turn anyone away from our group

Pay What You Can

Contact Holistic Harmonies to make a suggested monthly or weekly contribution

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