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Did you know, singing to your baby during pregnancy is like magic?

You cast your spell, you repeat that spell day after day and by that point your unborn baby is mesmerised; under the influence. Once your baby is here in the tangible world, you sing the magic words and abracadabra, something fantastical happens. It's like the whispers of the stardust have carried through one realm and into the other.

"People have sung to their babies forever. Every culture has lullabies and children’s songs that are passed down through the generations. New ones are written and shared, and the custom goes on—a rich part of the fabric of human civilization. These songs are designed to relax babies, calm their fears, or entertain and amuse them throughout childhood. As we have learned more about the life and capabilities of fetuses, we have realized that a fetus can hear clearly for months before birth, and can also discriminate sounds. At birth, newborns respond to familiar sounds by becoming calm and orienting toward the source of the sound, and even indicate their preferences for familiar voices and words over the unfamiliar." - Pathways to Family Wellness, Penny Simpkin, 2013.

Holistic Harmonies is launching a new choir in January 2020, a singing group exclusively for pregnant women. And yes, this group is for the benefit of the babies growing inside these women; we will share lullabies from around the world, a tool kit for new mothers to use to soothe their babies when the time comes. The group will also focus on wellbeing for women during this huge time of transition. It will be a place where women can gather and process creatively what is going on for them. We will share songs of affirmation, of strength and of love... a pocketful of melodies that they can pull out as and when needed during the moments of pain, exhaustion, deep love, deep despair and deep joy to come.

Please share this with anyone you know who is pregnant and may be interested in coming along to join the group...

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