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I'm scared of singing!

Is this something you might have said? This was the story of another lady who found the courage to come to @singingmamaschoir. This is Kirsty's testimonial:

I come to choir because the sense of wellbeing I discovered after overcoming my anxiety about singing in front of other people was addictive. I came to my first session because I had wanted to join a choir for a long time, and here was one nearby, that fit around the school run, that I could go to with my child – serendipity in action! And Rachel was so friendly and welcoming right from the start. I was very nervous during my first session but despite that I enjoyed it so much that I knew I would be going back.

When I’m singing with the group I feel unburdened, as when I am concentrating on the words and the melody there is no room for any worry or stress to creep in. I feel joy as the music grows, in Rachel taking my natural, flawed voice and blending it with the other beautiful natural voices to create canons and harmonies I never thought I could be part of. I love music: melodies are woven into my life yet I never learned how to play an instrument properly. Being able to sing with the group has opened me up to creating music as well as consuming it.

Being part of the choir has taken me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in the best possible way. It has brightened my week and given me new friends with whom to share not just the songs but the idiosyncrasies of parenting. It has brought performing back into my life and given me a whole new library of music to share with my family - thank you! 

If you'd like to find a deeper sense of connection and wellbeing yourself in a creative way , then please do come along and try the Singing Mamas Choir... you never know, you might just find your voice! The new 6 week block begins on Thursday 9th January and Friday 10th January 2020, come and join the community...

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