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We Are Family... How one family share an activity from across the country!


Zoe: I joined Singing Mamas whilst on maternity leave with my second baby, singing in person each week at The Handyman Pub in South Liverpool. When the pandemic hit, Rachel moved our sessions online. There might be some things that aren't the same on Zoom, but the experience is still so rewarding and Rachel creates a warm and nurturing environment, despite being online. I loved it so much that I invited my Mum and Sister and it has been so lovely sharing an uplifting moment with them each week bringing us together when we can't meet in real life. Singing Mamas is for all women looking for their tribe. Their village. A community to lean into and lean on.

Lucy: Although I've always loved singing, I've never been in a choir. This was a lot to do with confidence. When the pandemic started my sister invited me to her newly online choir that she had been attending in Liverpool pre lockdown. I jumped at the chance to connect on zoom with my Sister and my Mum, while enjoying singing our hearts out every week! To be able to take part 'alongside' my family made me feel much closer to them during a very difficult period. As we all live in different places, it has been the first time in years that we have been able to enjoy a hobby together. My confidence grew, the singing helped my mental health, and I loved meeting new women and sharing our lockdown experiences and feelings. I haven't met many of the women in person yet, but I feel very connected to them, and uplifted by our weekly sessions. Rachel is a nurturing, inspiring choir leader and it is a very welcoming and inclusive group.

Hilary: Every Thursday since May, my daughters and I have been singing together, despite us being from a total of 300 miles apart and in the middle of a pandemic! By Zoom, of course, thanks to inspiring choir leader Rachel Hilton. Based in Liverpool, Rachel has linked us for an hour or two each week for a chat, and to sing some lovely songs ... all easy to learn and enormous fun to sing! A wonderful experience and so precious to be together singing!


If you would like to sing with your friends and family, then why not join the next block of online choir sessions beginning in January 2021 - ALL women are welcome. There are package offers available for 2 people to join, and taster sessions are also an option; just get in touch to arrange.

Take a look at the website for more info and booking:

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