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Singing for Wellbeing Information



We’re looking forward to singing with you, take a look below to get a better idea of what to expect:



Here are the details:

Wednesdays during term time (6 week blocks)

6.30pm - 8pm


Studio1 at the Bluecoat

School Lane


L1  3BX

Ring the doorbell at the main entrance and someone will open the door.

Go up  to the 1st floor and ring the doorbell that says 'Studio1' and someone will come and open the door.  The door may already be open.  Make your way down the corridor and you'll see the studio on the right.

Please be aware that we ask everyone to take their shoes off to protect the dance floor.



We have a core group of members who have signed up to a monthly direct debit, and those who buy bundles of 6 sessions to use over 12 weeks, there is also a drop in option.  The group is made up of people of all ages 





The sessions involve a combination of mindfulness, a check in and singing.

Mindfulness: Our mindfulness practice is a kind of meditation that we do with our eyes open or closed. 

Check-in: This is a chance to speak about what you noticed during the mindfulness practice and what feels present for you. It might be one word (distracted and exhausted come up a lot!), a rant about your home life, or you might choose not to speak at all. Whatever comes up in the moment is welcome. Witnessing each other’s ups and downs and hearing your own experiences echoed by other people can be really helpful. So even if you don’t speak, listening can also offer insights. 

Singing: We sing in order to lift our spirits and connect with one another, and there is no expectation that we should sound a certain way. No-one will ever be asked to sing on their own, we will always sing together so our voices blend and no-one feels uncomfortable. We learn our songs by ear, which means there’s no sheet music or even words written down. If you’re not musical or think you will sing out of tune that’s ok. It’s just about enjoying it. 


Please let me know if you have any questions at all,

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